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Author:   Steve House
Publisher:   Patagonia Books
Publication Date:  10/03/2012
Language:   English


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Beyond the Mountain is an autobiography by Steve House, dubbed by Reinhold Messner, “the best high-altitude climber in the world today.” His story chronicles his experiences in the world’s highest mountains, each chapter revealing a different aspect of mountaineering.

What does it take to be one of the world’s best high-altitude climbers? It takes raising fund for an expedition, negotiating some of the world’s most dangerous countries, suffering freezing-cold bivouacs, and enduring the discomforts of high altitude. It also mean learning the hard lessons the mountains teach. This book explores these lessons.

Mountaineering literature has a wide and well-established audience. This book will reach beyond that audience to readers interested in a life examined and the lesson learned in the mountains.

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