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Author:   Douglas H. Chadwick
Publisher:   Patagonia Books
Publication Date:  10/04/2010
Language:   English


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This enigmatic animal is more complex than the myths that surround it. With a shrinking wilderness and global warming, the future of the wolverine is uncertain. This paperback edition of The Wolverine Way reveals the fascinating natural history of the wolverine, and the habitat threats that face them, engagingly told by Douglas Chadwick, volunteer with the Glacier Wolverine Project. The project, a five-year study of the wolverines in Montana’s Glacier National Park, reveals key missing information about the wolverine’s habitat, social structure and reproduction habits. Wolverines, according to Chadwick, are the land equivalent of polar bears in regards to the impacts of global warming. The plight of wolverines adds to the call for wildlife corridors that connect existing habitat that is proposed by the Freedom to Roam coalition.

Originally published 2009: eBook published 2012.

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